IMPALA Kabuki Makeup Brush №31

Are you tired of applying makeup with your fingers and getting dirty every time?
Kabuki brush #31 from IMPALA ® will help you absolutely evenly apply your favorite products such as foundation, highlighter, shadows, BB cream, makeup base, concealer. Quick and easy – with just a few movements you will achieve the desired result without the brush absorbing an excess amount of product and wasting it.
Thanks to the dense, skin-friendly 200,000 hairs, you will enjoy a smooth and even make-up, without leaving any traces. A unique diamond-shaped handle design for a comfortable grip, and the two sharp ends allow you to handle the application easily even on the more specific parts of the face such as the nose and eye area. Comes in a protective plastic case for storage and transport.

How to use: Apply the required amount of product to the brush or face. Spread with light and even movements.

It is recommended to wash the brush once a week for daily use. Soak in cool water for 3 to 5 minutes. Wash the surface using your palm or cleaning gel. Dry with a paper towel and let dry.